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Ai text tools

Bard is an Google chatbot. It’s a generative AI that accepts prompts and performs text-based tasks like providing answers and summaries and creating various forms of content. Bard seeks to combine the breadth of the world’s knowledge with the power, intelligence and creativity of Google’s large language models. It draws on information from the web to provide fresh, high-quality responses.
Access your organization’s knowledge sources, find information in Slack, and tap into past conversations to unlock what you need, instantly. simplifies communication, increases productivity, and provides better customer service. If you want to answer customer inquiries, write outreach messages, or improve your writing skills, can be helpful.
SID. personalized ChatGPT for everyone. Ask SID a question and get the file, email or message that answers it from any of your applications – instantly. This is how computers should work.
Ask Paper allows you to more quickly read and extract information from papers. It allows you to upload papers either by URL or by uploading a PDF file, and then ask natural language questions about the paper (e.g. What is the paper about). You also have predefined actions like Extract Datasets and Generate summary. Plus, it is natively multiligual, so you can ask questions in any language you want!
Chat YouTube allows you to talk to any YouTube video – summarize it, ask it questions, and more! Simply paste a YouTube video URL and press enter! is an AI-powered summarization tool that can summarize lengthy documents, videos, and audios into concise and easy-to-understand summaries. It is ideal for time-pressed professionals who want to easily comprehend complex legal documents with AI-generated summaries. Detangle charges based on the length of the document.
Character.AI is bringing to life the science-fiction dream of open-ended conversations and collaborations with computers. This guide is for all those that want to join us in that mission by building their own Characters, bringing their own dreams to life.
AI Novelist is the largest public Japanese storywriting AI. You may start from one of the example prompts or start with your own text! You may want to enter at the least 5-6 lines worth of a seed text to make sure the AI understands the context/genre. Japanese language service.
AI chatbot that uses machine learning algorithms to create a personalized chat experience. It is designed to be a personal AI friend that can help users with their mental health and wellbeing. Replika can be used to talk about anything from daily life to deeper thoughts and emotions. It can also be used to track mood and provide insights into mental health.
DeepBeat is an AI-based rap lyrics writing tool that uses thousands of lyrics as a database to present new ideas. To generate rap lyrics, type the sentence you want to start with or instruct you to write it from scratch. Then click the Create button. You can also enter keywords to include in the song. Deep Beat can be written in English and Finnish. is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps users improve their writing by providing suggestions for rephrasing and restructuring sentences. It can be used to improve grammar, clarity, and tone of writing.
Discover, share, import, and use the best prompts for ChatGPT & save your chat history locally . – 💾 Sync chat history locally for easy access and searching – 📄 Save chats as markdown, HTML, PDF, or PNG – 🎨 Customize ChatGPT with themes like SMS, cozy fireplace, and hacker – 🔍 Discover, share, import, and use the best prompts for ChatGPT”
Talk to Books is an AI tool that allows users to explore ideas and discover books by making a statement or asking a question. The tool browses passages from books using experimental AI. It is not a traditional search.
Canva’s text generator.Your first draft, fast. Looking for some words of inspiration to kickstart your creative process? Magic Write in Canva Docs is your very own AI text generator to help you get out a first draft, fast. Simply start with a prompt and watch as copy, blog outlines, lists, bio captions, content ideas, brainstorms, and more appear in seconds.
Make Auto ChatBot for your own Business! Get More Leads & Conversions With Engaging Chatbots.

Add it to your favorites and use it conveniently 🙂

New AI tools keep updating in real time. Please share it to many people 🙂


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