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If you have a social media presence, YouTube channel, or blog, don’t just wait for external ad revenue – take the initiative to create a substantial income stream of your own.


Fiverr, a freelance service marketplace, offers an affiliate program with unlimited commissions. As they continue to grow and expand globally, this program presents a great opportunity.


Starting now, I’ll guide you through the entire process: from creating a Fiverr Affiliate account, to introducing Fiverr to your subscribers, to commission payouts and managing the system.


Simply follow along and you’ll be on your way to success.


2. What is Fiverr?

What is Fiverr?


While many of you may already be familiar with this popular site, I’d like to briefly explain it for those who aren’t. Fiverr is a global freelance service marketplace, allowing individuals to trade gigs with one another.


The platform covers all work-related areas, such as design, marketing, web development, translation, and video. It’s a competitive space where a vast pool of global freelancers and experts with high skill levels offer their services at affordable prices, resulting in high-quality work at low costs.


Fiverr supports a wide range of languages, including Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, and German, enabling broad communication. Although we live in the age of AI, nothing beats the personal touch of human involvement in getting work done!


To promote Fiverr to your subscribers or visitors, simply create and share your unique affiliate link, encouraging them to click and make purchases. In turn, you’ll share in the revenue generated from those sales.


Since Fiverr focuses on office-related tasks, the commissions can be quite appealing. It would be a great idea to target subscribers who are looking for efficiency and high-quality work in their projects.


Many people have yet to create an account or even try Fiverr. Introducing high-commission professional services like ‘Fiverr Business’ and ‘Fiverr Pro’ can also be an effective strategy.


3. Commission Plan

Unlike regular referral programs, Fiverr pays commissions in cash (dollars) instead of points.


All you need is a PayPal, Payoneer, or Wise account.


There are 2 main options for commissions:


CPA and Hybrid.


CPA means


you receive a commission only for the buyer’s first purchase. Depending on the purchase amount, you’ll be paid between $15 and $150.



Hybrid commissions involve

receiving a flat $10 for the buyer’s first purchase, regardless of the amount, and then continuously receiving 10% of any additional purchases for 12 months.


You can choose between these options based on the nature of your content.


If you think your audience will mostly make one-time, high-value purchases, opt for the CPA model.


If you think your audience will continue to use Fiverr for work or other needs after their first purchase, choose the Hybrid model.


Additional Product Commissions:

Fiverr Business: $100 + 10%

Fiverr Affiliates: 10%

Fiverr Learn: 30%



3-1. FAQ

How do you track my conversions?

Affiliate links contain unique identifiers, allowing us to track anyone directed from your website. Our tracking system captures your URL, which guarantees you are credited for any First-Time-Buyer (FTB) you refer.


Fiverr attributes the traffic based on the last click that leads to registration.




1. If a user clicks on your link and registers to Fiverr he/she will be assigned to your account – for life!

2. If a user clicks on your promotion but didn’t register immediately:
  a) If the user will later register through a direct link, he/she will be assigned to your account and you will be entitled for the commission (the cookie is valid for 30 days from the first click).
  b) If the user will later register through any other paid channel, he/she will be assigned to it.
For example, if someone was directed to Fiverr from your link and registered, but didn’t make a purchase and then after six months decided to make a purchase, you will still be eligible for commission.

What is the Cookie duration?

The cookie duration is 30 days from the first click.


If the user will later register through any other paid channel, he/she will be assigned to it.

Can I earn from referring new sellers to Fiverr?

We do not pay commissions for referring new sellers to Fiverr.

We pay commissions only for new buyers you referred to Fiverr using your affiliate link.

Do I need to reach a threshold before I get paid?

Once your account reaches $100 you will be able to claim a payment. If you haven’t reached $100, your earnings will still stay in your balance.

Once I’ve earned a commission, how will I be paid?

In order to be paid your commission, first you have to provide us some information:


Enter your personal information: go to the “Account Details” menu and click on the “Personal Information”.
Enter in your payment information: go to the “Account Details” menu and click on the “Payment Details”. Finally, click “Edit” and fill in your full payment details.

Fiverr Affiliates pays out commissions once per month, but only for accounts that have earned more than $100.


There are three payment methods we support:

For monthly commissions under $1,000 – PayPal / Payoneer
For monthly commissions over $1,000 – Wire transfer

If you are listed as a Private Account, you can claim a payment request right from your dashboard, and you will be paid automatically. Company Accounts are required to upload their own invoice once claiming a payment request.

4. Content Ideas

I’m sure you are far more creative than I am when it comes to content ideas. However, I’ll briefly suggest some topics you can include in your content:



1. Introduce the service as a platform where you can affordably outsource tasks to high-quality professionals.
You’ll find many talented and interesting individuals on the platform. Feel free to showcase both useful and entertaining skills they possess.



2. Highlight premium services with higher commissions(Fiverr Pro at $150 and Fiverr Business at $100 + 10% revenue share for 12 months).
Fiverr Pro grants access to the top 1% of verified experts, while Fiverr Business supports enterprise-level users with proper project collaboration tools.



3. Encourage talented individuals to expand their reach on a global scale.
This is indeed a great topic, but since there’s no commission for attracting talent sellers, I wouldn’t highly recommend it.

5. Guide for Account and Link Generation Guide

Let’s get started.


It’s really simple and will only take a few minutes.


I’ve set this up so you can follow along easily.


Please click on the yellow link above to open a new window.

When you see a screen like the one above, click the green button in the upper right corner that says “Join Now.”


You’ll be signing up for an affiliate program ID, which is different from a regular Fiverr user account.


The site you are currently viewing is for Fiverr Affiliates (specifically for those of you who will be participating in the affiliate program).


Quick note!
*When guiding your subscribers to sign up as regular users, you should direct them to the main Fiverr homepage. You can make that link to share with your subscribers later.

Once you’ve completed the registration, you’ll see the following screen:


“Don’t forget about us when you’re a big shot”


Now, proceed to the dashboard.

Now let’s create your unique affiliate link.


Click on [Marketing Tools – Default & Deep Links] in the left sidebar menu.


Without making any changes, the links that are currently generated are your unique affiliate links.


Under Fiverr CPA, there is a link where you can receive CPA commissions.


Under Fiverr Hybrid, there is a link where you can receive hybrid commissions.


Let me explain once again:


CPA is a system where you only receive a commission for the buyer’s first purchase amount, ranging from $15 to $150 depending on the purchase amount.


Hybrid is a system where you receive a flat $10 for the buyer’s first purchase, regardless of the amount, and continue to receive 10% of any additional purchases for 12 months.


Below that, you can use the Fiverr Learn, Business, and Sub Affiliate links as needed.


This is optional, but I’ll show you how to create a deep link.


For those who want to specifically advertise individual services or talents, open a new window and visit


Just like in the above, find and select the individual GIG you’d like to advertise and copy the link as it is.

Next, return to the page where you created the link earlier, and click the “LP URL” button in the upper right corner.


In the pop-up input window that appears, paste the link you copied earlier and press Enter.


This will generate a unique link for the specific talent page you want to advertise.

Feel free to use this as needed, right?

Now, let’s register the account to receive payments.


Click on “Account Details” in the left menu bar, and then click on the “Payment Details” tab.


For those who already have PayPal or Payoneer accounts, please register them.


If you need to withdraw more than $1,000 per month (congratulations, by the way), you’ll need to use Wise

That’s it! You’re all set.


Now, all you need to do is provide content introducing Fiverr and share your unique affiliate link.


You can track your progress, check your status, and request payments through the Fiverr affiliate dashboard that you’ve been accessing with me up until now.


I sincerely hope for the expansion of your business, growth of your channel, acquisition of subscribers, happiness in your daily life, and overall success in all areas.

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