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How to Get Massive Global Users

1. Introduction

 If you’re a provider of paid online services, you know that attracting new users and retaining them is crucial to your business’s success. With so many marketing strategies out there, it can be challenging to determine the best approach for your unique service.

 One proven and effective method that you should consider is leveraging an affiliate program.

 Imagine influencers actively and proactively promoting your service across various social media platforms, such as YouTube, blogs, and other SNS channels.  In a nutshell, an affiliate program is like hiring an online salesforce. Worried about marketing costs?

 Pay commissions to these influencers when sales are generated, allowing your service to be promoted organically. It’s only logical to incur marketing costs precisely when sales occur, right? As a result, you can start promoting your service without any financial burden, even if you don’t have initial capital.

 In this post, we’ll be exploring ‘Rewardful’, one of the fastest-growing affiliate management programs in the AI SaaS industry.

2. Concept

 Rewardful is a simple and efficient solution for SaaS companies looking to set up affiliate and referral programs using Stripe & Paddle. By connecting your account, Rewardful will effortlessly track referrals, discounts, and commissions, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


– Affiliate and referral program management: Rewardful lets you manage various referral and affiliate program types from a single platform, including on-brand, white-label affiliate programs and in-app customer referral programs.


– Unlock multiple revenue channels: With the ability to create different programs from one account, Rewardful is the ideal solution for saving time and effort in managing your SaaS affiliate and referral programs.


– Built for subscriptions & Stripe: Rewardful is specifically designed for subscription-based businesses and Stripe integration, enabling you to reward your affiliates based on the quality of customers they refer and automatically adjust commissions for all SaaS and subscription scenarios.


– Quick and easy setup: With straightforward instructions, you can set up Rewardful in under 15 minutes, whether you’re using a custom-built app or a third-party platform.

3. Features

Rewardful provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you set up, run, and scale your affiliate program efficiently. Here’s a breakdown of its features:


Step 1: Seamless integration: Quickly connect your Stripe or Paddle account and install Rewardful, with easy-to-follow instructions for various programming languages and platforms. Enjoy live customer support, simple migration, 2-way Stripe sync, and cross-domain tracking.


Step 2: Campaign setup: Create campaigns to group your affiliates and define commission rules. Customize commission structures with percentage-based or fixed-amount commissions, recurring or one-time payments, and automated adjustments for customer lifecycle events.


Step 3: Customizable affiliate dashboard: Design an affiliate portal that matches your brand, with SSL encryption, custom text and scripts, and advanced control over referral data display. Upgrade to the Growth plan for additional customization options, including white-labeling and custom domains.


Step 4: Recruit and invite affiliates: Easily invite your fans, influencers, and customers to join your referral program through bulk email invites, a Rewardful-hosted signup page, or manual additions. You can also enroll affiliates programmatically through Rewardful’s API and Single Sign-On (SSO) feature.


Step 5: Onboard, nurture, and support affiliates: Assist affiliates with onboarding, track performance, and pay them using Wise or PayPal mass payouts. Rewardful offers email marketing integrations, webhooks, impersonation features, and extensive affiliate management capabilities.

4. Customer Case

5. Pricing

6. Suggestion

 If you’re a SaaS business looking to tap into the power of affiliate and referral marketing,


Rewardful is the perfect solution for you.

 With its easy setup, comprehensive features, and dedicated support for subscriptions and Stripe, Rewardful will save you time and effort while helping you grow your business. Join thousands of other SaaS businesses and start growing your revenue with Rewardful Affiliate Software today.


 With Rewardful, you’ll have everything you need to create and manage a successful affiliate program that drives growth for your business.

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